Blackberry User – Be careful with the radiation

22 Feb

For Blackberry user i want to share information that i have…
Particulary for Blackberry Bold 9700 Onyx and 9780 Onyx 2
and also particulary with AT&T service carrier…
but, for Onyx user with T-Mobile and other service carrier don’t be happy first. because it’s still danger for you
Blackberry Bold

9700 Onyx with AT&T service carrier radiation is 1.55 W/kg
and for Blackberry Bold 9700 with other carrier it’s abou 1.50 W/Kg
it’s very dangerous because the maximum radiationfor human is 1.60 W/kg and it can make human dead fastly.

for the other Blackberry user. keep watch it… check your brain health
because big radiation can make cancer.

there was an anti radiation for phone
but, it was useless. if the program incompatible with your phone. Your phone may be broke. and even if it’s compatible you will not able to use your phone because your signal will be reduce and as you know, your message will be “pending”.

so the most Great way to avoid from brain cancer,

# if you are going to make a call with long time, use handsfree. don’t bring your phone near your head
# for your safety, don’t place your blackberry in your pocket. for woman put it in your bag, and for the man buy a case to put your blackberry in your waist
# this is the most hard. don’t place it next over you when you are going to sleep. turn off your phone and place it at least 2 meters from you
# don’t use many application in once

i think that’s all
if you have another ways to avoid from the radiation, post it in the coment box below. your help is very useful 🙂

thank you
God Bless You

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